+Joseph René Vilatte

~ 1854 - 1929 ~


 +Joseph René Vilatte was consecrated a bishop on May 29, 1892. He worked in Green Bay, Wisconsin to develop an alternative American Catholic Church during the years preceding and subsequent to his consecration as a bishop in accordance with the edict issued by His Holiness, Ignatius Peter III with Francis Xavier Alvarez, Archbishop of Ceylon as principal consecrator and the Metropolitan Archbishops, Gregorius and Athanasius as co-consecrators in the cathedral at Colombo, Ceylon.

Without a doubt, Joseph René Vilatte led a stormy ecclesiastical life. His life and dealings with the local Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches make interesting reading. We will detail that in an expanded biography. Suffice it to say, however, it is this feistiness and challenge to the establishment which led him to his concern for those estranged from the established churches. Those characteristics also make him a great patron for our ministry.

Most independent catholic and Old Catholic bishops in the United States trace at least one of their lines of Apostolic Succession through Archbishop Vilatte. His spiritual ancestors carry on his work in a variety of ministries which serve especially those disenfranchised, for one reason or another, from their birth church.



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